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1: What is
2: How does work?
3: What can I do with a portal?
4: How does differ from any other link collection or portal?
5: Can any one join
6: Can I make a portal on any subject?
7: Do I need any knowledge of HTML to join
8: What does it cost to become a member of and can I earn money on
9: Can I do more for besides making an internet portal?
10: I'm interested in what do I do next?

Q. 1: What is
A. 1: provides the knowledge and means to built an internet portal on your favorite subject. consists of a group of people from different countries all over the world, who like to share their knowledge on their favorite subject with lots of people seeking this particular knowledge on the Internet. The guides originate from countries like the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brasil, Belgium and many other countries. At quality of the portal is more important than the quantity of links you'll put on the portal. The motto uses is "the human database".

Q. 2: How does work?
A. 2: When you apply, you'll be asked to fill out the application form. After you are accepted and your subject or hobby is approved, you'll be provided with a user interface to help you built your portal. A fellow Klup guide will help you give structure to your portal and will solve any technical difficulties you may encounter. Ultimately your fellow Klup guides will guard the quality of your portal and you will guard the quality of your fellow Klup guides.

Q. 3: What can I do with a portal?
A. 3: A portal at is an easy access to the Internet on the choosen subject. The portal is a collection of links that lead to the best websites on your subject. You'll be responsible for the content of the portal and for collecting the best links on the subject. You'll be expected to maintain the portal and gather extra information you can share with the visitors of the portal. You'll be expected to answer any emails you'll receive from your visitors regarding your portal and you'll be expected to keep your portal up to date so your visitors will find the most recent information on your subject. will provide the best possible means to help you with these responsibilities. Through you can place your knowledge on your hobby or subject on the Internet and make it accessable to many people roaming the Internet for the knowledge they lack but you possess.

Q. 4: How does differ from any other link collection or portal?
A. 4: At guide has a lot of extra possibilities and an internet portal is not just a link collection. The links have to have a description, the guide can use photographs or pictures with these links. Besides link descriptions and photographs, the guide can write his own articles, can make polls, can create a database with lots of subject related information. For example, the portal contains a database with more than 800 persons from World War II. has an automated 'link of the day' with email notification for the website owner to help you to claim your place on the Internet, an automated submit page to help you submit your website to a lot of search engines and a forum for guides where you'll be able to communicate with other guides from Klup.

Q. 5: Can any one join
A. 5: No. Not every one is accepted at We do not accept any members under the age of 18 years. To maintain your portal as it should be maintained, you'll need at least a few hours a week to work on your portal. can't accept members under the age of 18 because we feel school and homework are more important. On the application form, which you'll need to fill out completely, we ask you to give us some examples of links and link descriptions as you would use them on your portal. If we feel the quality of the descriptions doesn't meet the high Klup quality standards you'll be asked to write a short essay on your subject. If we feel the quality of your essay is too low you'll be rejected.

Q. 6: Can I make a portal on any subject?
A. 6: The choice of the subject you would like to make your portal on is of course entirely yours. Still, there are some subjects we can't allow. We do not allow 18+ portals, warez portals and we don't accept portals meant to make easy money for the guide. Furthermore the internet portal should be new to and it should be a useful addition to If your favorite subject isn't available anymore feel free to contact and we're sure we can find you a subject you'll like. If you would like to work on an existing portal just ask us, your choice may be available for you.

Q. 7: Do I need any knowledge of HTML to join
A. 7: No, you don't! has an interface in which you don't need to use any HTML. However, you are allowed to use HTML tags and photographs in your articles and in your links. So, knowledge is not needed, it could make your page much more interesting. Of course you could always ask your fellow Klup guides to provide you with the HTML tags you need, something they will surely help you with.

Q. 8: What does it cost to become a member of and can I earn money on
A. 8: Membership of is absolutely free and doesn't cost you anything. If your main purpose is to make money from your portal, you should probably go somewhere else.<br> does not yet sell banners or allow the guides to sell banners or webspace for advertisements.'s intention for the future is to sell banners and/or webspace and to let the guides profit from these advertisements. (see the agreement) If you're able to sell webspace or banners on your portal, will determine the cost and determine what kind of advertisement your portal will be allowed to show. has the right to reject any request for advertisements on any portal.

Q. 9: Can I do more for besides making an internet portal?
A. 9: Yes, you can. Of course your first priority should be your internet portal. If you can handle your portal and maintain it at the high Klup standards, you could apply for another internet portal or be available for evaluating articles for fellow Klup guides, or helping out starting Klup guides building their internet portal. is a starting enterprise so a lot of work is still to be done at and you may be the person we need to help us build and claim its rightfull place on the internet.

Q. 10: I'm interested in what do I do next?
A. 10: Fill out the application form and send it to us. We'll do the rest and be in touch with you to review your application and to determine the subject you requested. Don't wait! Some one else might apply for your subject!